Searching for property in a defined market requires industry knowledge and relationships as well as experience and dedication. SkyQueen’s team works with reliable and proven resources to identify the ideal location for clients and customers.


Special Assets Disposition – SkyQueen’s team provides current valuation on assets that are performing or non-performing and offer professional advice to owners, lenders, and special servicers on best outcomes. When appropriate, we sell the asset or the underlying note(s) on the property, advise on recapitalization and workouts. Having gone through multiple cycles in the market, we are able to provide strategic advice based on best practices.

Development Site Disposition – The development process differs significantly from region to region.  SkyQueen has leased and sold developments in aviation and commercial markets. Our proven style of  assembling multiple stakeholders early in the process results in an approved project within the shortest amount of time.

Income Producing Asset Disposition – Over the last 20 years our team has evaluated over 2.5 billion dollars’ worth of investment properties. We use multiple methodologies including capitalization rates, future rent growth, price per square foot, and gross rent multiple. Our targeted marketing strategy produces multiple offers in a defined time period yielding the highest sales price and the best terms.